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Kentwood Profile Grinder Centers
The Visage and Visage Plus grinding centres are simple to use and highly productive machines. They are single head profile grinders which feature high precision linear bearings, heavy duty arbor bearings and supports, a tungsten carbide tool rest, a quick adjusting stylus and easy to use diamond dresser assembly.

Both machines have a full 300mm x 350mm grinding capacity and achieve the same high levels of accuracy to be found on fully automatic machines.

Visage Plus Additional Features
  Variable Speed Spindle
  Powered Head Tilt
  Washdown Facility
  Universal Template Holder
  Carriage Locks (2 Axis)
  Wheel/Tool Storage Cupboard

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Kentwood's unique dresser assembly ensures that the knife is always at the correct datum point. A "must" for accurate grinding and repeatability.

Ergonomic design of the Visage creates a user friendly machine with adjustable arm rests and all controls including the coolant tank are easily accessible from the front of the machine.

Stylus and template set-up is quick and easy. A unique turret holder accepts up to six styli for a variety of work. The template slide permits quick coarse adjustment with fine adjustment of template location achieved by dial indicators on the Visage Plus.

Positive location of templates is made by traditional methods or by a single clamping system on the Visage Plus.

  Visage Visage Plus
Max. Cutter Length Hydrolock
335mm (13")
315mm (12.4")
335mm (13")
315mm (12.4")
Max. Cutting Circle Profiling
Straight Knife
350mm (13.8")
300mm (12")
350mm (13.8") 300mm (12")
Min. Cutting Circle
70mm (2.75")
70mm (2.75")
Max. Depth of Profile
40mm (1.5")
40mm (1.5")
Halogen 20W
Halogen 20W
Spindle Speed 50 Hz
60 Hz
3000 RPM
3600 RPM
Variable Speed Profiling
Straight Knife
1500-3000 RPM 3000-6000 RPM
Motor Powers Grinding Spindle
Coolant Pump
Head Tilt
1.5kW(2 HP) 0.15kW (0.2HP)
1.5kW(2 HP) 0.15kW (0.2HP) 0.025kW (0.03HP)
Coolant System
Tank Capacity
36 Ltr (8 Gal)
18 Ltr (4 Gal)
36 Ltr (8 Gal)
18 Ltr (4 Gal)