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Weeke Optimat BHC 250
High quality and reliability based on more than 50 years of experience are reflected in each detail of every WEEKE machining center. All individual components are based on the latest designs and developments. WEEKE offers CNC solutions that remain flexible and expandable for the future.

The BHC 25O was developed for the small to medium sized shop. It is the perfect CNC starting solution.

  Economical entry level CNC machine with an automatic tool charger - flexible, efficient, compact and space saving
  Flexibility in processing all kinds of shapes and materials efficiently even with low batch sizes, gives you the capability to handle all of your orders in an economic way
  The clamping of the workpieces is one of the most critical issues for the quality of CNC-manufacturing. The combination of machine stability, quality tooling and effective clamping guarantees a quality product coming off the machine
  With minimal floor space required and the capabilities of the 5-position tool changer this is a machining center that makes your purchase decision easy

Features & Benefits
  The side stops can be moved via hand lever valves - no limit in the work piece length
  A strong vacuum pump, but also electronic vacuum control systems guarantee a strong clamping of the work piece - manufacturing reliability even for spongy materials and exotic forms
  Scales and indices on the benches and vacuum pods are helpful for heavy workpieces - operating reliability and fast tool change
  Strong stops (d=2Omm) guarantee an accurate positioning for heavy workpieces - manufacturing reliability
  The rubber of the vacuum pods can be changed easily - low wearing -and spare parts costs
  Up to 4 vacuum pods can be positioned on the workpiece console - high flexibility
  The vacuum pods for narrow workpieces can be positioned length - and crosswise - high flexibility

Complete Manufacturing - All in One
  Construction - and shelf hole boring in all variations
  Hinge drilling and boring for special hardware
  Excenter boring for detachable carcass connections
  Routing of contours, joining of several molded workpieces
  Cut-outs and pocket routing

For More Information on Our Industrial Products, Contact Us at 800.642.5656!

Other Features
Weeke Tool Change Magazine   Weeke Tooling Possibility
Tool Change Magazine   Tooling Possibility

Weeke Tool Change   Weeke Tool Change Magazine in Function
Tool Change   Tool Change Magazine in Function

Weeke Moveable Side Stops   Weeke Up to 4 Vacuum Pods on Each Bench
Moveable Side Stops   Up to 4 Vacuum Pods on Each Bench

Weeke Solid Stops   Weeke Free Positioning
Solid Stops   Free Positioning

Weeke Positioning Length - and Crosswise   Weeke Horizontal Boring
Positioning Length - and Crosswise   Horizontal Boring
Powermatic Industrial
Safety Speed Cut