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Castle Pocket Systems
Castle TSM-21 Pocket Machine
The standard duty TSM-21 cuts the patented, 6° Castle pocket. It is highly useful for everything from case construction and drawer box assembly to custom work and face frame construction. The TSM-21 clamps the stock, routs a pocket, and drills a pilot hole with a tap of the foot pedal. The Castle Pocket is free of splinters or sawdust so it is clean and immediately ready for construction. The TSM-21 is extremely durable and designed for use by professional cabinetmakers.

The TSM-21 is extremely durable and designed to be used by professional cabinetmakers. It is a joinery alternative that is fast, flexible and efficient.

  Fast - Automatic cycle of less than two seconds
  Safe - Will not cycle until material is inserted completely
  Long life tooling that is inexpensive
  Works in high pressure plastic laminate, particle board, MDF, melamine and solid wood 1/2" through 1 3/4" thick.

Castle Pocket Method
Low 6" Screw Angle

Standard Drill Tub Boring Method
Steep Screw Angle Contributes to Joint Shift

Machine Requirments
Power: 110 VAC, 20 Amp Circuit
Air Supply: 85 PSI minimum, 150 PSI maximum
Dust Collection: Although not absolutely necessary, the TSM-21 will function better with proper dust collection attached. A vent for this purpose has been provided. If attaching a dust collection system remove the cover plate over the vent opening in the back door. Adding dust collection will keep the router motors cool and free from a buildup of sawdust in order to prolong motor life.

Technical Specifications
Router Motor Porter Cable 1.5 hp #6902
Drill Motor Porter Cable .75 hp #7301
Router Bit 3/8" HSS Cobalt Rough Mill
Drill Bit 9/64" Cobalt Brad Point
Power Required 110 VAC, 15 amps
Air Required 85 psi at 1 cfm
Shipping Dimensions 26 x 24 x 48 in
Shipping Weight 160 lbs

For More Information on Our Industrial Products, Contact Us at 800.642.5656!

Castle TSM-35 Pocket Machine
The heavy duty TSM–35 cuts the same patented, 6° Castle pocket as the TSM–21. It is designed to run continuously for two consecutive shifts. A heavy duty, three phase induction motor drives the pocket cutting spindle and is available in 208v, 230v or 460v. A specially designed, high torque, heavy duty, Sioux™ air motor drives the pilot bit. The TSM-35 can produce more than a half a million pockets per month for years on end with minimal maintenance.

The TSM-35 is designed for continuous production environments where performance and durability are the benchmarks. It is built to run all day, every day, as fast as your Safety Guy will let you run it.

  Fast - Fast cycle time for speedy production
  Safe - Will not cycle until material is inserted completely
  Easy top down access for quick router and drill bit changes
  Adjustable Indexing Stops in top for face frame parts (optional)
  Side Brackets allow mounting of wing tables (optional)
  Heavy-duty construction throughout
  Works in high pressure plastic laminate, particle board, MDF, melamine, and solid wood.

Technical Specifications
Router Motor 1.5 hp, 3 Phase Induction Motor
Drill Motor Sioux "1954" Motor
Router Bit 3/8" HSS Cobalt Rough Mill
Drill Bit 9/64" Cobalt Brad Point
Power Required 208 or 230 or 460 VAC, 3 phase
Air Required 85 psi with External Regulator, Filter & Lubricator
Shipping Dimensions 26 x 32 x 49 in
Shipping Weight 300 lbs

For More Information on Our Industrial Products, Contact Us at 800.642.5656!

Castle AT-8 OB Frame Assembly Table
Castle's Frame Assembly Table is a sturdy workstation for production face frame assembly. It is constructed of high-strength tubular and angle steel and provides a clean flex-free work surface. The low profile clamp beam is streamlined and uncluttered for ease of use.

The table’s highly efficient design allows the hold-down cylinders to be repositioned and clamped in one, quick, smooth hand action for fast production. The super ridged, high precision beam is both light and strong. Convenient screw tray is just inches away from the work at all times. The AT-8’s highly ergonomic design places the bottom rail at 32 inches above floor level to reduce bending, reaching and operator fatigue.

  Sturdy 4' x 8' work surface
  Low squaring fence accomodates frames over 8'
  Bottom rail is at a comfortable height of 32" to reduce operator fatigue
  Smooth one-hand action of each cylinder allows for rapid positioning and clamping
  Extra-rigid beam equipped with aire regulator and pressure gauge
  Convenient air hose at lower end of beam for air screw gun
  Cutaway on bottom beam support allows easy access for screw gun
  Clean uncluttered low profile beam arm
  Trouble-free clamp cylinders
  Rigid tube steel construction supports flex-free work surface

Technical Specifications
Construction Heavy Tubular Steel
Maximum Panel Height 4'
Bottom Rail Height 32"
Adjustable Air Clamps 4
Single Extruded Aluminum Arm 1
Air Regulator Parker Air Regulator
Power Requirement None
Air Requirement 85 psi at cfm
Shipping Dimensions 32 x 60 x 60
Shipping Weight 480 lbs

Grecon Integrated Alignment Unit   Grecon Sorting Ejector
Cutaway on Lower Arm   Face Frame Layout
Cutaway on lower arm bracket for easy access. Convenient screw gun holster and air supply outlet.   Face frames up to 48" width by any length. Note that the squaring fence is lower than bottom fence.

Castle Premium Carbide Router Bits
The Castle Premium Carbide Router Bit will do the job of both standard bits!

B00338 is a 3/8" solid carbide, three flute rough mill cutter. This bit is the best choice for all your Castle pocketing needs.

The B00338 works very well in both hard and soft woods, leaving a clean, splinter free pocket. It also holds up well when cutting in MDF, melamine, laminates and other types of composite materials.
  Castle B00338 Router Bit

This bit regularly lasts three to five times longer than other rough mills. The geometry of this bit is engineered specifically for use with our machines and will deliver superior performance and very long life.

Castle Standard Duty Router Bits
Castle B00038 Router Bit
B00038 is an 8% Cobalt, high speed steel, 3/8" rough mill, and is the bit that ships with all of our pocket cutters.

The B00038 is for general use in solid woods, but will also do fine in particle board, laminates, mdf, acrylic and melamine.
  Castle B00038 Router Bit

The curved cutting edges and shallow helix allow it to shear as it cuts, using less force and producing less heat. Although this is a great general purpose bit, it won't last as long as either of our other router bits in composite materials.

Castle B00138 Router Bit
B00138 is a 3/8" two flute bit with carbide cutting edges. This bit is for use in shops that work in at least 80% composite materials.

The B00138 performs well in high-pressure laminates, MDF, and solid surface materials. It's tapered carbide tipped blades produce a very clean cut, and are not damaged by the resins and glues used to make composite materials.
  Castle  B00138 Router Bit

This bit is not recommended for cutting in hard woods.

Castle Pilot Hole Drill Bits
Castle's Pilot Hole Bits are available in four types & sizes.

The B00964 is the standard bit that ships with our Pocket Cutters. It has a Brad Point tip that helps it track better in all kinds of materials and it will meet 99% of the Pocket Cutting needs out there.

The B01964 is a slight variation on the standard and differs in that it has a Split Point instead of a Brad Point. It is useful when drilling along an extremely tough grain pattern.

The B00764 is the bit to use if a smaller size screw is required, or if an interference fit is desired and glue is not used in the joint.

The B00316 is the bit to use if a larger screw is required, especially in soft woods and furniture construction.
  Castle Pilot Hole Drill Bits
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