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OMEC FCN3 Automatic Numerical Control Milling Machine for Dovetail Joints
OMEC FCN3 Automatic Numerical Control Milling Machine for Dovetail Joints
The five-axis automatic milling machine with numerical control, OMEC FCN3, is designed to carry out dovetails on the front and the sides of drawers. The machine can simultaneously drill the sides for assembly the back of the drawers with pins and make holes on front pieces to assemble handles or finishing panels. The machine is equipped with two cutter units, two drilling heads to drill the sides of drawers and four drilling heads to drill the front pieces of drawers. The supply, clamping and unloading of pieces is fully automated during each cycle. The machine is also equipped with three storage containers to collect the pieces to the loaded and unloaded.

Controls are provided both on the push button panel and on the control panel with numerical control. Model FCN3 is operated by a numerical control, which is programmed to guarantee maximum flexibility and allow changing, within the limits of each manufacturing cycle, the following variables:

  the pitch of the indents
  the number of indents
  the position of the indents
  the depth of the indents
  the dimensions of the indents
  the cutting speed and the tool feeding
  to radius variation compensation of the tools
  the insertion or removal of the drilling heads for the sides and front pieces of drawers
  the position and depth of the holes on the sides
  the position and depth of the holes on the front pieces

All adjustments are extremely easy may be done following the machine software instructions displayed on the monitor. The machine is also equipped with a self-diagnosis system.

FCN3 Technical Specifications
On Board Machine Installed Power 10 kw
Working Pressure 0,7 Mpascal
Number of Milling Spindles n° 2
Spindle Revolutions 18000 - 24000 rpm
Number of Sides Drilling Heads 2
Spindles Revolution 5600 rpm
Number of Front Drilling Heads (optional) n° 4
Spindles Revolution 2800 rpm
Center to Center of Indents Variable
Drawers Production 200 - 400 n/h
Machine Weight 3500 kg
Packing Dimensions 420 x 240 x 200 cm

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Dimensional Limits of Workpieces
Dimensions Front
Minimum 220 mm 60 mm 180 mm 60 mm
Maximum 1200 mm 260 mm 600 mm 260 mm

Dimensions Side
Minimum 8 mm 11 mm 11 mm  
Maximum 16 mm 25 mm 16 mm  

Standard Configuration
  Numerical Control with Personal Computer and Color Monitor
  Two Sides Drilling Units each Complete with a Series of 7 HM Tip Bits
  Two Integral HM Cutters Assembled on the Machine
  Tool Kit for Adjustment and Maintenance Operations
  Users and Instruction Manual
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