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CTD Machines Whirlwind Model W220
Semi-Automatic Cut-Off Saw
Whirlwind Model W220 Semi-Automatic Cut-Off Saw
The Whirlwind Model W220 saw is designed to run at approximately 30 - 40 cycles per minute. Each cycle is cushioned by a heavy-duty shock absorber. The cycle speed can be easily adjusted using a slotted screwdriver. Lock nuts securely hold screws in place after adjustment.

The Whirlwind Model W220 is an under-cut style saw. That means the blade remains in the heavy steel base until the cut is made. The cast aluminum guard / clamp holds the material in place throughout the cutting cycle. This protects the operator from kick-back and flying debris. Cast iron is used for the table-top so we can provide a recessed area for the operator's hands. The raised lip between this recessed area and the blade acts as a barrier. The operator's hands should always remain in the recessed area, with palms up, while handling material. A front shield, air hose, double palm buttons and other safety devices are all standard equipment on the Model W220.

The Whirlwind Model W220 is manufactured using the latest C.N.C. machinery. The Model W220 is a further refinement of a well-proven design. Whirlwind saws are renowned for their exceptional accuracy. The Model W220 certainly continues that tradition. Nothing but the finest components and raw materials are used in Whirlwind saws. Things like chrome-moly spindles and heavy steel spindle housings keep Whirlwind saws accurate for years. We also run each and every Whirlwind machine for 4 hours prior to shipment.

Used By
The five largest furniture manufacturers and the five largest cabinet companies all use Whirlwind machines. Our saws are also used by some of the largest R.V. companies, aerospace companies and boat makers. Dimension plants and packaging companies have also saved time and improved their products with Whirlwind cut-off saws. Large or small, if your company needs square cut lumber, non-ferrous metals, or plastics, and you're looking for ways to cut costs, give us a call.

Special Uses
Many major corporations have discovered how well Whirlwind saws work on aluminum, copper, brass, P.V.C. and other materials. We even have a customer cutting brake lining material! Saws for cutting non-ferrous metal or plastics should be ordered with a spray mist attachment. Call us with your special sawing requirements.

Standard Equipment
  10 HP Baldor TEFC Motor
  3 Premium Notched Belts
  Filter, Regulator, Coalescing Filter with Air Pressure Gauge
  Magnetic Starter In NEMA 12 Box with Low Voltage Controls
  Tempered Chrome-Moly Spindle
  Heavy Steel Spindle Housing
  4" Dust Chute
  Air Supply Lock-Out

 Blade Size 20" x 1" Bore
 Blade Speed 3,165 RPM
 Cycle Speed Up to 40 Per Minute
 C.F.M. Approx. 1.96 - SCFM 12.65
 Table Height 36 3/4"
 Floor Space 26" x 33 1/2"
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